CAT 6 U/FTP 23 AWG Outdoor Data Cable

Code : CAT 6 U/FTP - PE
Basic Conductor: Bare annealed copper
Conductor Size: 23 AWG
Outer Jacket: UV- Resistant PE
Conductor Support: 250 MHz.

Places of Use

Cat 6 is suitable for a frequency transition of 250 MHz. It is the cable that provides the 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard. it provides 1 gbps bandwidth and is more robust than Cat-5.
This cable is preferred to support the internet connection at home, workplace and government offices. In addition to the Internet, Cat6 preference can also be widely observed in security camera systems and telephone systems. Thanks to this cable, which can work harmoniously in any area where CAT 5 cables are used, it is possible to reach high speeds.