CAT 7 S/FTP 23 AWG 600 MHz Data Cable

Code : CAT 7 S/FTP - 600 MHz
Basic Conductor: Bare annealed copper
Conductor Size: 23 AWG

Outer Jacket: LSZH / PVC
Conductor Support: 600 MHz.

Places of Use

Cat 7: Category 7 cable or Cat 7 cable is a type of cable that carries data at gigabit speed. ISO/IEC 11801 standard category 7(class F) cable provides more bandwidth and higher data flow than Cat 6 and Cat 6a. In order for the Cat 7 cable not to be affected by interference, the protective sheath is thicker and larger than other cable categories, so the Cat 7 cable is stiff and thicker in cross-section than all other UTP cables. CAT7 cables can also be used at home or in the office, but they are mostly used in data centers and professional environments.