CAT 7a S/FTP 23 AWG 1000 MHz Outdoor Data Cable

Code : CAT 7A S/FTP - PE - 1000 MHz.
Basic Conductor: Bare annealed copper
Conductor Size: 22 AWG

Outer Jacket: UV- Resistant PE
Conductor Support: 1000 MHz.

Places of Use

Cat 7a: The CAT7A standards are an improved version of CAT7. Augmented Category 7 (CAT 7A) cables have a high frequency reaching 1000 or 1200 MHz, which allows them to transfer data at up to 40 Gigabits per second up to 55 meters away. In some cases, CAT7A cables are used for 100 Gigabits for second connections, but only up to 15 meters. Just like its predecessor, the CAT7A standard is compatible with RJ45, ARJ45, GG45 and TERA connectors. For this reason, it is mostly used in data centers and professional applications.