Customer Satisfaction Policy

Our main policy is to continuously improve our processes and increase customer satisfaction as a result of addressing the notifications of our customers and related parties with a customer-oriented approach, delivering solutions in the fastest way with an effective and efficient system.

In order to realize this;

  • By following and researching customer notifications closely in all authorities such as phone, mail, social media, accepting that they are justified in the first place, with a fair and objective approach to all kinds of notifications,
  • By establishing fast transmission, creating solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction,
  • To provide service to the demands of our customers with our professional staff and approach by adopting an understanding appropriate to the expectations of our customers for quality service from us,
  • The customer complaint management process and the systems used, identifying areas open for development, regularly reviewing them to increase efficiency, reporting on activities and constantly improving,
  • To create a customer-institution relationship that provides strong, accurate, clear and continuity for the products or services that our institution offers directly or indirectly to customers,
  • To increase the internal and external communication power, to provide all the necessary resources to evaluate, respond to customer, employee and other interested parties' feedback in the fastest and most accurate way and to solve problems in a way that prevents their recurrence,
  • To aim to create a participatory, positive company culture in which employees work with willingness, high motivation, by protecting the company values,
  • To be respectful to the environment, people and society,
  • To comply with the relevant legal requirements to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity,

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