Our Environment and OHS Policy

Erat Cable evaluates the interaction with the environment during the time from the design, production and delivery of all its services and products to the customer, accepts and applies the following methods to minimize the negative effects it may have on the environment;

  • To minimize the pollution and damage we will cause to the environment by controlling the factors that may cause environmental pollution,
  • To carry out studies to reduce, reuse or recycle polluting waste at its source in order to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To comply with all legal and other requirements related to the environment,
  • To minimize the damage to the environment by using the technology that causes the least damage to the environment at the rate that technical, economic and commercial possibilities allow in new investments and projects, and to make continuous improvements to the existing structure to the extent possible to minimize the damage to the environment,
  • To share with our employees, customers, suppliers and the society the works we do in order to protect environmental awareness and the environment, to ensure that it is adopted as a philosophy of life, to provide trainings that develop according to the needs in order to increase environmental sensitivity,
  • To ensure that the instructions, evaluations and forms prepared within the scope of the environment are reviewed and updated at December intervals in parallel with the laws, legislation, developments and needs,
  • To determine the new environmental targets related to environmental issues and the actions that will ensure the realization of these targets,
  • We will commit.