Micro MLT Multi Tube Cable - LSZH/HFFR

Code : U-DQH

• Jelly Filled Tube
• Enforcement with Non-Metallic Strength Members
• Dry Core
• Halogen free and non-corrosive fire gases
• Low fire load for high safety requirements

Places of Use

Micro fiber optic cables, Suitable for underground use, Can be buried underground and can be mounted in pipes, Suitable for installation by pushing and blowing technique, Usable in severe environmental conditions, Can be used as the main backbone cable in CCTV applications, Telecom lines, Protection against rodents, Central network systems, Signaling systems, numerous applications including audio, video and data transmission, Closed-circuit television systems, Data transmission, LAN & WAN and multimedia applications, Connections between switchboards, High speed interconnection of active network devices, interconnection of long distance devices, Billboards It is used in devices used in medicine, in places where nuclear power plants and radio active beams disrupt communication, and in low-speed applications where electrical noise is very high, and in applications that require point-to-point security. Fiber optic cables can be attached to communications equipment and patch panels to provide a physical connection to a network or device. It has a slim yet robust design. Stranded tubing is surrounded by a composition of intumescent material with properties that provide waterproofing and strain relief in the longitudinal direction of the cable. Another feature of these cables is the low adhesion of the outer sheath. Therefore, these cables may be blown into the micro channels. A typical application is FTTx in shared infrastructure projects.