CAT 6A FTP RJ-45 Data Patch Panel

Code : CAT 6A FTP RJ-45

• Outstanding material properties and patch panel design.
• Packaging including all accessories necessary for installation (labels, colorful icons, organizers, cable ties, vidasomun)
• It is possible to use UTP and Shielded keystone jacks on patch panels.
• Compatible with 24-22 AWG solid conductors
• Complies with T568A, T568B Standards.

Places of Use

Patch panel or patch block is one of the termination elements used in wiring systems. Patch panels are used in information systems in order to make the data flow healthy and long-lasting and to be easily integrated into instant developments.
Patch panels are mostly used in all locations where there are radio houses, recording studios, television studios, concert sound systems and network system rooms. Due to the way it is used, they can be considered as one of the two main points connected by a kind of bridge. For example, patch panels used in network system rooms are a platform where the data cables to which employees are connected are terminated. Through the switch
Patching (transferring) to the Patch Panel with a Patch cable allows the user to access network systems.