SLT-SJCSA-SWR -PE Fiber Optic Cable

Code : CA4D5F

• Extra Germe Kuvveti
• Extra Tensile Strength
• Glass Yarn strength member
• Enhanced Rodent Resistance
• Extra High Crush & Impact Resistance
• UV- Resistant
• PE Outer Sheath

Places of Use

Fiber optic cables are used in numerous applications involving audio, video and data transmission, Closed circuit television systems, Data transmission, LAN & WAN and multimedia applications, Power plant interconnections, Connecting active network devices at high speeds, connecting devices at long distances, Billboards, Devices used in the medical field, Nuclear power plants and radio active beams Decode communication, and in low-speed applications where electrical noise is high, In applications requiring point-to-point security. Fiber optic cables can be attached to communication equipment and patch panels to provide a physical connection to a network or device.