Fiber Optic Splice Box - TYPE 4

Code : Splice Box - TYPE 4
Fiber optic splice box is widely used for splicing and branching optical cable fibers in overhead and directly buried applications. The splice Box has a simple internal structure. The splice Box is designed for easy installation, easy to open and close, pressure resistant and watertight.

No special training is required for box assembly.

The box is durable and made of high quality plastic with anti-UV materials. It is an attachment box with good quality and long service life.

12+12=24 fiber splices can be made in each splice cassette, and up to 288 ports can be added in a maximum 12 cassette splice box

Places of Use

Fiber optic splice boxes are also used for branching the fibers in the fiber optic cable. Compatible with all types of fiber cables. (In the splicing of Single Mode / Multi-Mode Fiber cables, in the splices of armored / unarmoured etc. when necessary, in the splicing of Aerial / Aerial, Underground / Underground or Aerial / Underground cables, in the splicing of Terrestrial Fiber cable and Submarine Fiber cable on land, in Menhole, Aerial It is used in fiber optic distribution points, building and campus network applications.